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    For mY cOmuunIty amBarA3

    i say thanks to ambara3 cuz you i get many friend cuz you i get my moment cuz you i understand what i wrong. i feel u in my intelegent i listen what you say i look what you do i can feel what you feel i’ll remember 26 person of you all in my brain. i never firget with you all. you all make me to my diffrent and give guidance to my perfectly…. i made this to remember you all…….
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    About My Dream

    hello my name is Bachtiar im from indonesian country i’ll tell to you all about my dream… i have many dream n many future maybe…but i dont know how to get it….but i believe in my self i’ll get my dream moment .. i will try and try and looking for anything to get what i want. maybe many people have any dream and future but they like me. They dont know how to get thats drem…… I write this to know….. ” YOUR LIVE NOT NOW BUT IN DAY WHERE YOU GET YOUR WANT, WHERE YOU GET YOUR DREAM, AND WHERE YOU GET YOUR FUTURE TOO” and the last “...
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    Hello world!

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